Southern California Intergroup of SAA




LA North Area (79)
We are the LA North Area Assembly (79).  Individually, we are General Service Representatives (GSRs) elected from our 22 weekly meetings and our main task is to nominate a delegates to represent our collective group conscience to the International Service Organization (ISO) at the SAA Annual Conference.

Our meetings span geographically from Lancaster to Burbank to Agoura Hills.  Our Area is vibrant, strong and includes hundreds of diverse members who pursue recovery from sexual addiction.

To make a donation to help fund our delegates represent your meeting, please send it through Zelle at and through Cash App at LANorthAreaSAA.

Please contact us for information about our monthly meetings, or with any issues affecting the SAA Fellowship in the North Area of Los Angeles, at


As GSRs, we meet at our monthly Area Assembly to discuss issues important to the members of our fellowship. These monthly meetings are open to all interested fellows of our fellowship, but only GSRs have a vote on those issues.

According to the 12 Concepts of Service and the 12 Traditions of SAA, the ultimate responsibility and authority for serving the fellowship rests with the individual members of the SAA fellowship. However, the registered meetings in our area do entrust certain members (e.g., GSRs) and committees to carry the group conscience, as long as those trusted servants are directly responsible to the groups they serve.

With that in mind, the trusted servants of our Area work to represent the concerns of the 22 group meetings that we represent, to educate the wider fellowship about issues of concerns in our area, or to deliver the group conscience about any issue that affects the national and, indeed, the worldwide fellowship of SAA.


If you are a new General Service Representative (GSR), or are interested in becoming one, you can get more information from this pamphlet or here [link: Steve’s document]